Nanjing first stop apartment isolation suite Container  hotel
The first station apartment project of "Ninghui" is located in Lishui District, Nanjing Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, which is a centralized medical quarantine and observation place to undertake inbound personnel at Lukou Airport port. The project adheres to the principle of "combination of peacetime and war".
Suiyou Space fashion lab container office
Suiyou Space for fashion lab container office made with 5 containers house up and 4 downs for office, coffee shop, High Quality House with a well-sealed and reliable structure water-proof, moisture-proof, fire-resistant and anti-corrosive.
Indoor effect display with the interior and exterior appearance according to the users preference with nice glass curtain wall decoration view.
Detachable container
Detachable container appartement for Shanghai workers' isolation dormitory
Singapore Hotel Apartment nurse building case
Singapore containerHotel Apartment house nurse building. The project consists of 88units 3m*9m*2.8m(L*W*H) detacheabl container house, including walkways, asphalt tile roofs, fire panels, fire doors, aluminum Windows, and smart locks.The project has high requirements and high standards, and the materials have passed the Singapore COC certification. From raw material processing to installation completion, through the Singapore government acceptance, it has been completed successfully after more than 3 months, and the perfect delivery is presented!