We design and build homes to a high standard, with quality workmanship and attention to detail. Our stylish designs and finishes are selected to offer great value and maximise amenity.
Self built factory, with its own professional staff We have professional equipment, standardized operation line, designer, welding engineers, quality control, packaging and delivery, to ensure the best quality delivery to every customer.
Product feature Container house is a fashion trend prefab house system, each unit can be combined freely and decorated according to the user's preference. Can be moved easily , to bring more convenient and comfortable life for people.
Transportation advantage Can chose whole container house transportation or flat compression transportation according to the distance and the local site installation convenience ,exporting better chose 40'HQ shipping.
Container Hotel
made of steel structure components and sandwich panel, which are transported to the site assemble after production in the factory. The construction process is like "stacking wood". Then decoration and add furniture, View All >
Container Dormitory
Standard container size is 3m*6m. used for site,mine and appartement etc. Each room accommodate 2 to 8 people. Large projects are usually double-storey with walkways and stairs. View All >
Our Service With more than 10years in the local building industry, 9States Shanghai Prefabricated Building Co., Ltd. has the experience you can rely on. Our integrity is second-to-none and we are professional in all our dealings. We offer a wide range of services that include designing houses, producessing manufacture, after-sales installation, building spec container homes.
Holiday Container
Flexible combination, no need to add roof for field combination (detachable container requires additional waterproof roof) Read More    >
container restaurant April-05-2023 This is a container converted into a coffee shop, the owner of the restaurant is an artist, bold purple to create a personal charm. The first floor houses a cafe and restaurant, while the second floor houses studios. The gradual change in color makes the building look like a work of art. Inside the decoration style is full of artistic color, everywhere you can see the art, retro style wall, are people's eyes bright, this place to drink coffee is not a different flavor? Read More    >
Container Resort Hotel for the luxury and style of minimalist life April-07-2023 Container Resort Hotel for the luxury and style of minimalist life. The moment you step into the container hotel, you instantly feel the redefinition of Italian luxury -- the ultimate grace that leaves nothing but the essence. Here, all the sensory experience and architectural atmosphere are integrated, the eye is the scenery, two ears are heard, all become customs. Read More    >
Container Commercial Street April-07-2023 Container innovation outdoor food business street is a container business street built by 88 containers. Container commercial street design sense, color diversity, light style. This open-air commercial food street is one of the most popular ways to shop. Read More    >