Flat pack container

Item No.: 00082
Flat pack container house is a modular construction product which based on a steel frame and light wall pane structure system. I is consists of top frame, bottom frame, 4 posts and 14 pieces exchangeable wall panels. It can be flattened for easy transport
Description Review

Container house is a fashion trend product belong to prefab house system, each unit can be combined freely and collected with different shapes of roof , corridor, staircases, and decorated the interior and exterior appearance according to the user's preference. Moreover.The houses can be moved anytime and anywhere easily , to bring more convenient and comfortable life for people.

1. Product Details



Wall panel

both sides 0.326mm color steel 75mm rock wool sandwich panel


Steel kit door size≥W840mm×H2035mm, 0.5mm panel,fireproof door


Upvc series PVC sliding window, size: W1120mm×h1100mm x 2pcs; 5+9+5 hollow double glass with screen and anti-theft Rod.


980 type pressed tile 2950mm


18mm thickness cement fiberboard + 1.6mm  thickness PVC floor leather, hot melt caulking

Interior decoration line

Steel folding part


Ground main beam: section 150mm, galvanized roller beam 2.5mm thick; Ground secondary beam: 120mm*50*1.8mm thick galvanized C-type steel /60*120*1.4 galvanized square pass;

Column: Specification 210*150mm, galvanized roller 2.5mm thick;

Roof main beam: section 160mm, galvanized roller beam 2.5mm thick;

Roof secondary beam: 80mm*40*1.5mm thick galvanized roller C-type beam;

 2. Product advantage

-Easy to install: Installation with 2 man in 2hours. no crane needed.

-Long Life Span: It can be used repeatedly with a life span of more than 15 years .

-A Wide Range of Uses: It can be used as living home,dormitory, office, storage room etc .

-Environment Protection: No construction waste, materials can be recycled.


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