Folding container

Item No.: 00098
Flat pack container house is a modular construction product which based on a steel frame and light wall pane structure system. I is consists of top frame, bottom frame, 4 posts and 14 pieces exchangeable wall panels. It can be flattened for easy transport
Description Review

Container house is a fashion trend product belong to prefab house system, each unit can be combined freely and collected with different shapes of roof , corridor, staircases, and decorated the interior and exterior appearance according to the user's preference. Moreover.The houses can be moved anytime and anywhere easily , to bring more convenient and comfortable life for people.

1. Folding Product Details

Basic Characteristics

Outside size (mm)


Inner size (mm)


Folded size (mm)


Total weight (kg)





Design  Parameter

Structural design service life

10 years

Floor live load

200 kg/m*m

Roof live load

100 kg/m*m

Wind load

8 grade

Seismic fortification intensity

10 grade

Frame Construction

Q235B tube




Integral frame paint

Electrostatic spray/straight plastic powder

External roof

galvanized 0.8 mm

The internal ceiling

Caigang veneer V/830/0.37 mm


Fire resistant glass magnesium floor 15mm

Wall panel

75mm composite board 0.3mm+glass cotton+0.3mm


920*920 single glass push-pull window plastic steel window, glass thickness of 4mm

Security door

960*1970 High-quality security door



Including inlet 4² national standard soft copper wire, 20A circuit breaker 1, inlet socket 2.5, five-hole single-open socket 1,
air conditioner socket 1,LED lamp 1.

 2. Folding Container Product advantage
1) All the steel structures are galvanized & bake-painted.

2) All bolts are used, no welding is required.
3) All configuration power system.
4) Workers can install 1 unit in only 4 minutes.
5) When is folded,the height is only 420 mm.40 HQ can load 10 -12 units.
6) It can save transportation, installation and storage cost.
7) Fire proof,water proof,corrosion-resistant,sound-insulation.
8) Can be connected to each other and make lager room.


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