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Item No.: 00108
Flat pack container house is a modular construction product which based on a steel frame and light wall pane structure system. I is consists of top frame, bottom frame, 4 posts and 14 pieces exchangeable wall panels. It can be flattened for easy transport
Description Review

Container house is a fashion trend product belong to prefab house system, each unit can be combined freely and collected with different shapes of roof , corridor, staircases, and decorated the interior and exterior appearance according to the user's preference. Moreover.The houses can be moved anytime and anywhere easily , to bring more convenient and comfortable life for people.

1. Product Details



Wall panel

both sides 0.326mm color steel 75mm rock wool sandwich panel


Steel kit door size≥W840mm×H2035mm, 0.5mm panel,fireproof door


Upvc series PVC sliding window, size: W1120mm×h1100mm x 2pcs; 5+9+5 hollow double glass with screen and anti-theft Rod.


980 type pressed tile 2950mm


18mm thickness cement fiberboard + 1.6mm  thickness PVC floor leather, hot melt caulking

Interior decoration line

Steel folding part


Ground main beam: section 150mm, galvanized roller beam 2.5mm thick; Ground secondary beam: 120mm*50*1.8mm thick galvanized C-type steel /60*120*1.4 galvanized square pass;

Column: Specification 210*150mm, galvanized roller 2.5mm thick;

Roof main beam: section 160mm, galvanized roller beam 2.5mm thick;

Roof secondary beam: 80mm*40*1.5mm thick galvanized roller C-type beam;

 2. Product advantage

-Easy to installInstallation with 2 man in 2hours. no crane needed.

-Long Life SpanIt can be used repeatedly with a life span of more than 15 years .

-A Wide Range of Uses: It can be used as living home,dormitory, office, storage room etc .

-Environment Protection: No construction waste, materials can be recycled.

Brand introduction:
9States Shanghai Modular Building Co., Ltd. focus on professional design, production, sales& installation of the overall service of the prefabricated housing company, our products are mainly container hotel, camp workers dormitory, office, seaside holiday homes, block coffee bar, mobile shops, steel structure warehouse etc. We provide one-stop solutions for our customers. For example, provide all furniture, household appliances, solar power system, electricity, and send workers, engineers for customers to local site installation services.


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